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10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Mold Remediation Company

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Mold Remediation Company

Mold doesn’t only ruin your walls, ceilings, furniture, and other assets, but it can cause respiratory illnesses in people. If you spot mold growth in your home, contact the best mold remediation company in Orange County, CA immediately. The sooner you get help, the lesser the risk of this fungus spreading to the walls of the adjacent rooms and other areas. 

That doesn’t mean you should call the first company that pops up in the Google search result for mold removal. Conduct extensive research, read reviews, and ask these 10 questions before choosing a mold remediation company.

1) What Experience Do You Have?

Every building—whether new or old—is prone to mold contamination. Defects in the plumbing system or excess moisture make a perfect place for mold to grow. The only way to eliminate the fungus is by seeking professional help. 

You need experienced mold removal specialists that are trained and qualified to conduct a thorough home inspection. Ask what experience the company has, since when they are operating, how many clients they have served, and what kinds of jobs they undertake. The experience of a mold removal specialist will determine the quality of their work.

2) What Type of Mold Testing Do You Offer?

The company tests the air for mold to get a clear picture of the concentration of mold present in the atmosphere. This can be done in two ways:

  • Air-O-Cell Testing
  • InstaScope Testing

In air-o-cell testing, the professionals take the sample of air around the affected area, capture it in the cassette, and send it to the lab to discover the level of molds in the air. InstaScope testing is a much better way of testing mold concentration in the air. It shows the real-time results, giving you 100% accurate readings. Plus, there is no waiting time. The technicians don’t need to take the air sample and send it to the lab for further testing. 

3) Are you Insured?

A mold removal company needs pollution liability insurance, in addition to basic insurance. This will ensure protection against accidents during the inspection and remediation processes. Insurance is an absolute necessity for mold removal companies. It acts as proof that they will finish the job as expected without causing any damage to your property. Check whether the company is insured or not before hiring them. If they have not signed up for Pollution Liability Insurance, find another company. 

4) Do You Send Trained and Certified Employees?

California doesn’t have any state regulations for mold remediation service providers, which means the only license you need to run a mold removal business is the basic business license or a contractor’s license. Certifications, however, are mandatory for employees. Qualification is equally important. 

Molds tend to produce mycotoxins, toxic compounds that can cause cancer, kidney problems, and death in people. Though not all types of fungi cause mycotoxins, some do. That’s why professionals should be qualified to capture the sample of the mold and send it to the lab for testing. Only a certified professional can conduct mold assessment as required. So, always ask about the training and qualification before hiring mold removal services.

5) Do you Offer Free Mold Assessment?

An established and experienced mold removal service provider will conduct free home assessments. It helps them detect the affected areas. Based on this, they will give you a quote. Mold assessment is the first step to mold removal service. It doesn’t involve aggressive cleaning or inspection. 

A bunch of employees will come to your place to assess the areas, furniture, and materials contaminated with mold. This should be FREE! Still, it’s best to ask the company about mold assessment costs to avoid surprising fees.

6) What Measures do you Take to Isolate the Affected Area?

Before the technicians start with mold removal procedures, they isolate the affected area so that the mold doesn’t spread during remediation. That is standard practice. Ask the mold removal company what measures they take to isolate the affected area. Hire another company if they don’t offer isolation services.

7) Do You Guarantee 100% Mold Removal?

As mentioned earlier, certain molds (Aspergillus, Fusarium, Alternaria, and Penicillium) produce mycotoxins that can pose health risks. There is always a risk the mold could regrow or the technicians miss certain corners contaminated with aspergillus or other harmful fungi. A professional company will guarantee the best results. They will also conduct a final home inspection to ensure no mold is left behind. Ask whether your chosen mold removal company conducts a thorough inspection after mold removal. And, do they guarantee the mold will not return after remediation? You can’t keep hiring mold removals every few months. So, you need to be sure that the company has eliminated mold and it will not return. 

8) Do You Follow Safety Protocols?

Ask whether the technicians wear protective wear and bring safe cleaning tools. Safety wear, like glasses, shoe covers, hazmat suits, etc ensures that the technicians are serious about the job. Besides, protective wear prevents the mold from spreading to other parts of your house.

9) How much do you Charge for Complete Mold Remediation Service?

Get a quote before hiring a mold remediation company in Orange County, CA. Many mold removal companies are offering exceptional service at a reasonable price. Once you have narrowed your list to the top 3-5 mold companies, get a quote from each and compare the price. Hire a company that suits your budget. Make sure you ask about any extra charges to avoid hidden fees after the job is done.

10) What Equipment do You Use?

A reputable mycotoxins house mold removal company sends trained technicians with premium equipment. HEPA vacuums and filters are a must. In addition, the technicians need infrared cameras, a negative air machine, a thermo-hygrometer, particle counters, anemometer, air scrubber, and other advanced tools. 

Mold Fighter is one of the best mold removal companies in Orange County, California, offering advanced mold remediation services. They start with an initial inspection and conduct thorough cleaning to ensure that no traces of mold is left behind.

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