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How to Choose the Right Mold Removal Company

How to Choose the Right Mold Removal Company?

Mold is found in approx 20-50 percent of homes in the USA, according to the World Health Organization, which means 45 million buildings in America alone are affected by unhealthy mold growth. Molds are associated with respiratory problems. 40% of people suffering from asthma get asthma attacks because of the mold, rodents, and dust in their homes.

The above stats clearly show the importance of hiring the right mold removal company for residential and commercial properties. Not only because it can ruin the area it is growing in, but mold can trigger allergies and respiratory illnesses in people.

Mold doesn’t come naturally or grow in any surroundings. It needs a damp space to thrive. It is a secondary problem that occurs from unaddressed water damage. Some people rely on home remedies to get rid of mold, but these tricks can’t eliminate mold. Only a professional mold fighter company can address the underlying cause of mold contamination and remediate the area to prevent new colonies from growing. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Mold Removal for Your Property

If the mold has contaminated less than 10 square feet, it can be removed with DIY techniques in most cases, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Anything beyond that needs professional help. 

Here’s how you can find the best mold remediation company.

Check their Experience and Qualifications

First things first, when you are looking for a mold removal company, hire professionals with years of experience and a proven track record. You need to make sure that mold fighters working in your place have the necessary experience and qualifications to perform mold remediation. The certifications and other credentials are proof that an individual has experience in this area and they know how to remove mold and remediate the area properly. 

While you are reviewing the certificates and qualifications, check the experience of the company. It is best to leave the job to a professional who has done the same work before. Ask about the number of clients they have served in the past, which techniques they used for home remediation, were the clients satisfied. You can find this information on the company’s website.

Read Reviews

Social media is a great place to learn more about mold removal companies. For example, Yelp shows you the customer reviews and ratings for the particular company. Facebook and Instagram are your go-to social sites to see how the company presents its services and how they interact with customers. Do not rely on the company’s website only. Check out social media, Google Reviews, Yelp, and other review platforms to get a better idea of the company’s reputation in the market and its past performances. Reviews are there for your reference. They are posted by genuine customers, so you can rest assured that they are 100% accurate.

Ask about the Safety Standards

The mold itself is the most toxic thing. The last thing you want is the technicians using cleaning tools and detergents containing toxins and harmful chemicals. They must use safe and non-toxic cleaning tools to remove mold. Usually, a third party detects whether the cleaning is conducted safely and whether the workers are following the safety protocols. 

Furthermore, mold removal is associated with a risk of cross-contamination. The cleaners must use HEPA filters and vacuums to ensure that fungus does not spread to the surrounding areas and contaminate other surfaces. Each piece of equipment must be cleaned thoroughly before and after the job. Plus, each employee should wear protective gear, including glasses, gloves, and a costume to prevent contamination. 

You might not find this information on the company’s website, so it’s best to call and ask them about the safety protocols they follow. Also, ask about the equipment they will bring, cleaning practices, storage, and contaminated item disposal.

Check their Services

Mold removal is a comprehensive job that starts with an initial inspection of the area contaminated and ends with remediation. The goal is to remove mold and ensure that they never grow back in your place.  

The steps include—initial inspection, measuring the contaminated area, mold removal, and final inspection. The services of a mold removal company vary depending on the workers’ area of specialization and experience. Here’s what you can expect from a professional and trained mold removal workforce:

  • Identifying and fixing plumbing issues and other sources of water damages
  • Isolating the containment area to prevent cross-contamination
  • Vacuuming the contaminated surface 
  • Spraying a cleaning detergent on the target surface and scrubbing until the mold is completely removed
  • Disinfecting the surface
  • Drying wet areas

Check the company’s website to find more information about cleaning services. The total time it takes to remove mold and remediate the home completely depends on the materials contaminated and the total area. Usually, it takes between 1 and 5 days for a professional to get your home 100% mold-free.

Get a Quote

Once you have narrowed your list to the best mold removal companies in Orange County, CA, the next step is to get a quote. As a general rule, you should get the mold removed as early as possible, as delays mean unnecessary expenses. The larger the area contaminated by mold, the higher the removal cost. As soon as you detect mold growing in the damp environment in your place, call a mold removal company. 

On average, mold removal costs between $500 and $6000, but it can go beyond that if the issue is severe. A mold removal professional will pay a visit to your place to see the extent of the problem. Based on the contaminated materials and the severity of the issue, they will give you a quote. Get a quote from the top 2-3 mold removal services in your area before booking the services.

Are you looking for a reputable, certified, and experienced mold removal company in Orange County, California? Look no further! Mold Fighter is your one-stop destination for mold removal and remediation services. From the initial inspection to mold removal to the final inspection, they will conduct each task efficiently.

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